San Antonio AFSCME Local 2021

We are AFSCME San Antonio Local 2021, a member-run and member-led union. Our local consists entirely of COSA civilian employees. AFSCME San Antonio members are part of the biggest public service union in the country, a union with more experience representing and winning for city employees than any other. AFSCME San Antonio is led by members from diverse departments and EEO groups. Our Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) empowers members, winning on priorities such as real cost-of-living adjustments. The Employee Management Committee (EMC) wins city buy-in on priorities. Our Political Action Committee (PAC) communicates those priorities to local politicians. With the EMC election victory, we will speak with one unified voice at the EMC to: improve the step pay system so experienced employees are adequately rewarded; secure regular cost of living adjustments (COLAs) for all employees; hold the line on health care costs; and create a fairer and safer workplace for all employees. For more information, contact staff or member organizers at your worksite, visit us on Facebook at: AFSCMESanAntonioLocal2021 or call us at: (210) 507-2224.