Historical Pay Raise and Benefit Package for San Antonio City Employees

On September 15th, the City Council passed the budget, which contains the biggest pay raise and benefit package in the history of the City of San Antonio. Thanks to the AFSCME EMC members who have been pushing for the last three years for job classification wage studies, now completed, and realized in the budget. Fighting for ARPA money, COLA’s, reduction in healthcare costs, free parking for city employees downtown, and more. Our EMC AFSCME members also elevate concerns and priorities from their co-workers to the City through the EMC meetings. 

We would not have realized this historic pay package but for the efforts of your AFSCME EMC members pushing for these improvements. 

Now that the budget has passed, employees will see letters mailed to their homes and letters posted to their payroll section on the city’s intranet system.  Please make sure you go into the system and update your home address if you have moved. IF you do not have computer access, your HR business partner at work can help you update your address. 

Pay increases and changes to healthcare costs for employees hired after 2009 (20 percent decrease) employees hired before 2009 no increase, will be seen in October pay checks.   

The FY23 salary increases will be effective October 1st.  Note that the pay period is 9/24-10/7 with the pay date of 10/14.  Since the pay period is split, the check on 10/14 will only reflect a portion of the increase (from 10/1-10/7).  Beginning with the check on 10/28 employees will see the increase for the entire pay period.  

For those employees whose market study was more than the 7 percent, that amount will be noted in the letter you will receive from the city manager. (Ranges are from an additional 2 percent to 15 percent based on the study and how far below market the job classification was.) For those whose market study was below current salary, they will see the 7 percent raise. 

EMC board members asked for the list of job titles and corresponding pay raise percentages at our meeting yesterday. The city says they will prepare that and send to the EMC board members. Once we receive that, we will share with all of you. 

Congrats to all who have helped make this historic budget package possible. Please encourage your co-workers to join their union, AFSCME, and support our AFSCME EMC members, so that we can continue to move forward on better pay, benefits and working conditions for all civilian COSA employees.