Appointments to the Employee Management Committee

The Employee Management Committee (EMC) was established by ordinance in August 2004 to provide a structured communication process by which the City and its employees can discuss matters pertaining to wages, hours of work, and other conditions of employment.

One employee from each EEO Category (All currently held by AFSCME) We are pleased to announce the following appointments to the Employee Management Committee:

Sheri Van HorsenAFSCME Exec.Dir.

Patricia Reck, PreK4SA At-Large

Victoria Garcia, Cultural Arts, Professional

Rozalia Hubbs, SAPD, Paraprofessional

Roberta Vela, PSAP, Admin.Clerical

Elizabeth Rios, CSEF, Protective Services

Maria Villegas, CSEF, Service Maintenance



Benefits: Elizabeth Rios, Maria Isabel Villegas, Sheri Van Horsen

Communication: Victoria Garcia, Sheri Van Horsen

Compensation: Roberta (Bobbie) Vela, Rozalia Hubbs, Sheri Van Horsen

Policy: Patricia Reck, Rozalia Hubbs, Sheri Van Horsen